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Kevin Kline

Went to San Clemente High School, he's a family man with 5 kids who knows how to have fun. Dedicated to helping others and get businesses back on track when their computers are going crazy. Calm under pressure and follows through when you need him. 15 years ago, Kevin created a philosophy about technology and business needs. He saw that people would get extremely frustrated when their stuff didn't work. He realized that it was because it was an area of their business that they had no idea how to tackle, but knew that it was something that they HAD to have to keep up with the rapid changing times. Pretty much, using technology is great and can be productive, but our reliance on it has made it so that when its broken, we're pretty much a hostage to the situation and nobody likes that. 

Kevin Decided that since people didn't understand computers, he wanted to create a laid back approach this extremely frustrating and complex IT systems that could potentially cripple a business. In 2001 his first child was born, and so was Surfside Computing.


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